Huat Price — Mobile App

New App Initiative 

Project 1 
Assigned as a part of the UX course project from General Assembly Singapore

Case Study Outline

• User Interview
• Affinity Mapping & Key findings
• Problem Statement & Hypothesis
• Sketching & Wireframing


4 days


Jeremy’s busy schedule only allow him limited time to do online shopping. He also want to get better online bargains. However there are dozens of websites for comparison. He needs some help that can assist him review prices efficiently.


Creating a one-stop mobile app that can compare prices effectively from multiple E-commerce websites. It will be a tremendous tool for online shoppers to save money and time.

User Interview

I began user research by preparing a discussion guide about what types of questions to ask during users interview. It’s very important to asking effective questions and know the direction of the discussion, other than that, be as clear as possible because it will determine the quality of the answer you collected.

I recruited four of my classmates as participants for users interview. The criteria for the participants are those who love to shop online regularly (at least once a month). I also make used of Slack to recruit my participant.

• 2 men, 2 women
• Working professionals
• Aged between 28 to 40
• Avid online shoppers

Some of the questions:
  1. What’s your current shopping habits?
  2. Where do you normally shop online? Which website/app?
  3. Why do you specifically shopping that products online?
  4. What kind of platform do you use when purchasing online?
  5. Is there any challenge you encounter when shopping online?
  6. What would make a perfect online shopping experience for you?
  7. How do know you get the best deal when shopping online? Do you compare with other website/ apps?

Interviewing process — to gain insights from online shoppers

Using iPhone for recording is very helpful as I don’t need to juggle between actively listening and noted down the answers. Digging deeper questions also help to gather in-depth answers.

Affinity Mapping

Synthesising user interview data by organise them into groups or themes based on their relationships.

Key Findings

  1. People like to shop online because of the convenience, the price is often cheaper than in-store and it offers more variety.

  2. People will do market research to compare prices via different E-Commerce website before making purchases decision.

  3. People value an easy way in getting their online purchase fast and efficient.

Problem Statement

“People need an efficient way to save money and time when shopping online because there are multiple E-commerce websites available for browsing and comparison.”


“We believe that by creating a one-stop mobile app that can compare prices effectively from multiple E-commerce websites, it will be a tremendous tool for online shoppers to save money and time.”

Sketching & Wireframing

After clear on how my user journey flows, I started sketching my app interface on paper. Sketching on paper is fast and it offers freedom to draw your ideas without the need to be perfect. After finished the 1st draft, I consulted my rough sketches to my class instructor for feedback. She taught me to have a critical thinking on how things flow, how the user will use the interface, what could be improved. In response to the feedback, I added some interactions detail to make a realistic user journey.

App Name

Since it’s created in Singapore, I’d like to give a unique app name by infusing a local Singapore term. Here I picked up a name: Huat Price. Huat means ‘to prosper’ and it has similar sound to ‘What’. This app core function is to compare prices among different E-Commerce websites and find the lowest price as the best value result.