Project 4 
Assigned as a part of the UX course project
from General Assembly Singapore

Case Study Outlines

• Heuristic Evaluation
• Competitive Analysis
• Cognitive Walkthrough & User Interview
• Prototyping High Fidelity
• Usability Testing & Iterations
• Final Prototype


2 weeks
What is WorkFrom?
Global community that helps people to discover space to get the work done.

• Provide place recommendations for community.
• Foster global networking opportunities.

Heuristic Evaluation

Problem 1: Lack of information (empty pictures, min. details of facilities). Users don’t have enough information to access the place if it’s suitable place for them to visit.

Problem 2: Unexpected welcome page (after login), it goes straight to nearby location listing. It didn’t offer users the flexibility to choose what activities they want to do (eg. explore certain location, see popular places, make a review).

Problem 3: Make a review feature was not easy to locate. It’s far below at the end of each listing. And the process making a review has a lot of usability problems, eg. unexpected kick out from the page, confusing navigation, etc.

Competitor Analysis

1. WorkBuddy has a proper & organised menu on the welcome page, it allows users to key in location they want to work, choose activities they want to do within the app.
2. It has a booking feature, to reserve a seat at specific date & time.
3. You need to be a paid member to book a space.


1. WorkWander has unexpected welcome screen (go straight to listing) .
2. It has detailed data for each location.
2. It has booking feature and offers flexibility to input budget, timing, distance.

User Interview & Usability Testing

Criterias for participant:
• Freelancer or professional nomads that always have to find outside place to work.
• Regularly visit a cafe/co-working space at least 2-5 times a month.
• Tech savvy and modern lifestyle

Interview Questions:
What kind of experiences are you looking by working outside of home?
Besides work, what other purposes you visit a cafe/co-working space?
Can you share your consideration when choosing a place to work?
What are your top 3 criterias of your ideal working space?

Usability Tasks (current WorkFrom app):
1. Search the nearest working space from your current location.
2. Would you be able to find wifi & power outlet information?
3. Make a review of your recently visit cafe/working space with pictures.

Key Findings:
1. When working outside, users looking for ambient, internet connection,
power outlets and quietness.
2. Good reviews of a place help users in their decision making.
3. Price factor is important to determine if users can afford the space.
4. Make a review process is confusing.

Design Goals
1. Enable users in easier decision making process
2. Enable users to contribute a review easily

Design Strategy
1. Create place recommendations based on good reviews 
2. Add on price indicator.
3. ‘Write a review’ put in the prominent place.

Final Prototype

Prototype Link