Background Context

YoRipe Solution

Food brands spend more and more digital marketing on social media but it's challenging to fight for attention and get meaningful engagement among other brands and products. Also they're not able to track conversion on how many people purchase or at least have interest to buy the product.

YoRipe's mobile app connects food brands and products directly with their end-users during their meal and planning process - i.e. when users browse for recipes, tips & tricks, what's trending, etc. Instead of brand pushing their content (like on social media), in YoRipe app, it's users who are looking for product information, promotion and brand news to make their cooking and healthy eating better and cheaper.

"How we can connect brands and users naturally within YoRipe"

Current YoRipe app

User Insights 
(from current YoRipe app)

New User Journey
Users like to have flexibility to find suitable recipe based on diet preference
Users find it useful to search recipe based on what they have in the fridge at home
Users want to discover brand deals from supermarket

New User Flow
Step 1:  Launch App (Current/New User)
Step 2:  User Login
Step 3:  Launch Home Screen
Step 4: Search, Select - Dietary, Types of Meal, Preparation Time
Step 5:  Found Recipe & Add Ingredients to Shopping Cart
Step 6: Select Food Brands from Shopping Cart
Step 7: Buy Now > Transfer to Supermarket app/website
YoRipe app features

1. Healthy recipes with ease navigation control
Dietary option, type of meal, preparation time

2. Find recipe based on available ingredients at fridge
Enables users find suitable recipe to cook the ingredients they currently have in fridge/kitchen

3. Track expiry date of food products to get notification
Users will be reminded of the expiry date of the food products they bought

4. Supermarket promotion
User won’t miss the latest deal to get best value groceries

5. Daily Tips / Hacks
Enable user to learn something new every day

6. How-to videos
Life is a never ending learning process, train users to have better skills by watching the tutorials

7. Shop kitchen/dining ware
Provide users with trusted & quality brands for kitchen equipments & dining essentials